What our clients tell about our tea:

What is Nem tea for me?


First of all, it’s undoubtedly the adornment of the meetings in Perheentalo. 


Before trying Nem tea for a first time, I expected that a strong smell of mint would hit my nose and distinct coltsfoot leaf taste would roll through my throat. But it turns out that the tea is tender, delicate, good smelling and completely unobtrusively reveals its taste. 

Flowers do not rush in front of leaves, leaves do not dominate the fragrant scene. Bravo. 


I drink your tea with no sugar - this is nonsense! But there is no need for sugar in your sets. Beverage comes out an entire and rich, no flavours required. 


I didn’t expect handmade herbal tea to be so balanced and “round”. I would describe Nem tea’s taste as something round or oval — no sharps, no bites, no spikes. The tea just gives strengths, calmed down and improves a mood.


You are absolutely right in arranging tastings. The first on mind with “herbal tea” is a somewhat smelly mixture that has no common with the magic you made.